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Plot To Pot uses fresh produce from local farmers near Charleston, South Carolina at our small batch cannery. We grow many of our ingredients on our farm in Ravenel, SC and sell them at local farmers market in our area. We carefully select all of our ingredients to ensure the taste and quality in each small batch. Due to this careful selection process, you may find some of our products out of stock from time to time; but please check back. We have fresh batches every season..

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"The new pickle."

— Postprandial Magazine

Christmas Batch

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South Carolina transplants Dan and Angie Conroy are passionate about food. Dan was raised in the suburbs of Pittsburgh but has quickly learned to appreciate southern cuisine. Angie blames her food obsession on her grandmothers who always had a delicious meal ready three times a day and a seat at the table for whoever might drop by. Dissatisfied with restaurants inability to recreate grandma's cooking and lack of taste of grocery store vegetables, Angie became a bit of a food-snob. She started her own patio container garden growing heirloom herbs and vegetables that has blossomed into a small sustainable homestead on Johns Island, SC.